Next Level Events

Bring the best virtual reality experience to your event

Want to bring the most cutting-edge virtual reality music games in the world to your festival or event? We'll bring our supercomputer setup to you and set up our art installation demo booth to give your attendees the best vr experience they won't soon forget with a virtual reality headset and vr gallery. Featuring state-of-the-art hardware and vr 360 projection capabilities, the Soundscape VR experience will blow people away as they step into a surreal virtual world of music and light that they can interact with and explore.

Exclusive Artist Music Promotion and Music Distribution

Music Promotion inside Soundscape

Want to make a name for your music among Soundscape's ever-growing community of passionate music lovers and vr video games to set yourself apart from every other producer? We offer a variety of options for music promotion inside Soundscape ranging from music distribution to entire custom-designed 3d virtual reality worlds accompanying an album release. Users will experience your music in the ultimate vr games with controller; getting a world-class audiovisual production has never been so easy or affordable for vr games.

Digital Venues

Create Your Venue in Virtual Reality Games

Want to recreate your venue inside virtual reality video games and stake your claim in multiplayer games as the best vr music experience? We can design and build a custom experience for users worldwide to discover and experience your brand in entirely new way of vr video games. The laws of vr 3d games physics need not apply here as we add-on to your existing design in exciting art games to create a vr space unlike any other to play vr.

Soundscape VR