10,000 users!


10,000 users! Thanks for the overwhelming support and thanks to everyone who came out at Lakes of Fire and waited in line for 4 hours for their turn to try! Seeing the smiles makes it all worthwhile.

Explore Crystalline Summit in the biggest update to Soundscape VR yet!


Explore Crystalline Summit in the biggest update to Soundscape VR yet!

Today Soundscape VR releases our second audio-reactive virtual world to explore:

 Crystalline Summit 

Crystalline Summit is not just a new Soundscape venue, but a new Soundscape world full of secrets waiting to be found. Explore and discover, draw and create, relax and watch – all are equally amazing experiences. Turn on your favorite music from any source or service on your PC, boot up Soundscape, and slip into another dimension where you create your own visually stunning experience. There are no beatmaps that need to be painstakingly made and modded here, Soundscape handles that all automatically! You just play your favorite songs and enjoy, it’s that easy!

In addition, there are countless changes improving the core gameplay, new player experience, music reactivity, controls, visual effects, and so many more additions like dozens of new psychedelic audio-reactive effects you can use to paint effects through the air around you or alongside you as you soar through the sky. Try to keep your jaw off the floor as you watch the geometric shapes you are drawing out of your motion controllers warp and morph around you as they unwind and react to your favorite music.

Last but not least, this update is of course 100% FREE, made for music lovers by music lovers! We are proud to create the most mesmerizing and creative free VR experiences in the world, and hope you love our new work as much as everyone else has! If you are as passionate about music as we are, visit our Discord https://discord.gg/8cfHAEb to say hello and chat with the team about your favorite new releases! Thanks for playing and feel free to stop by and say hello at our Burning Man Art Installation this year if you’re going to be there!

-Groove Science


Burning Man 2018! JUST WOW!


Burning Man 2018! JUST WOW!

We want to start off by saying thank you! Thank you to each and every amazing person who stopped by to experience Soundscape VR and thank you to the amazing Black Rock City.

Having our Soundscape VR art installation on the Playa was an absolute honor, and being the only VR art installation at Burning Man 2018 was spectacular.

Every single person that came by the Soundscape VR installation had a mind-bending incredible audio-visual experience that they will never forget. The constant outpouring of joy-filled moments in virtual reality, followed by love and affection from people from around the world where some of the most beautiful things we’ve ever been a part of here at Soundscape. Watching people flying through our immersive sound reactive worlds, painting their friend’s names and favorite cartoon characters with light, and just observing our next level sound reactive lighting was so wonderful to witness. Thanks to everyone for bringing their friends, for coming back for 2nd and 3rd nights in a row, and for just dancing and spending time with us on the Playa! Our Soundscape VR team had a fantastic time and we already can’t wait for next year!

-Soundscape VR Team