Want to help build the next generation of music experiences in virtual reality and bring your imagination to life while joining a startup and getting in at the ground level of a major music revolution? Soundscape VR is expanding to its next phase of growth after its exciting debut at Burning Man and launch on the Steam and Oculus Home platforms for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. We are preparing for an even more exciting 2018 being featured at major music festivals across North America and putting together exciting new partnerships with major artists and labels.

Due to recent growth, our team is looking for another talented game developer/networking engineer. This position features industry-leading flexibility working your own hours from home, unlimited PTO, and the potential to take on a significant equity stake. The ideal candidate will have the following qualifications:

  • Built past projects using Unreal Engine 4
  • Proficient with UE4 blueprint code projects
  • Experience implementing Steam/Oculus online subsystems
  • Worked on building and shipping an MMO-style game
  • Expert in C++ and Visual Studio 2017
  • In-depth knowledge of rendering as it relates to VR
  • Ability to quickly learn and pick up new things
  • Self-Starter able to stay disciplined working from home
  • Extremely passionate about music, art, and VR

If you’re someone in a different discipline who thinks you have what it takes to change the music landscape, we want to hear from you too and be convinced on why you should be a part of the Soundscape VR team. Please submit your resume and CV for consideration to